How it works?

Forex Trade

Glasspips uses effiencient algorithms and Artificial Inteligence to trade on the forex market

Investing with Glasspips means you don't have to worry above the rise and fall of the forex market as everything would be handled by experts.

Blockchains for transaction

Leveraging Forex Market Harzards

We leverage proven alert systems that help us get out of the market in case of potential crashes.

We use

wireless emergency alerts emergency alert system Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS)

Network Marketing

In the Network Marketing scheme, you earn 2% of your referal's investment. You only get paid a bonus after making two referals

This amount would be paid to you as bonus after your referal has recieved their first Return On Investment (ROI).


Start by signing up and picking your investment.

Step 1

Then get your first referal to make an investment.

Step 2

Get another referal to complete your 4% and get paid.

Step 3

Get more referals as your deem fit.

Rank System

The network marketing comes with a rank system. You attain ranks after reaching certain number of referrals.



Less than 10 referrals

business master


Between 10 and 24 (inclusive) referrals

business boss


Between 24 and 50 (inclusive) referrals

business commander


Between 50 and 99 (inclusive) referrals

boss elect

(million boss)

Between 99 and 250 (inclusive) referrals

commander elect

(vip commander)

250 referrals and above